Who is this?

I’m Gilad Ben-Yossef.

I’m a geek, hacker, programmer, entrepreneur, writer, speaker, husband, father, runner, mediator and a human being, in no particular order.

I love technology in general and programming in particular and especially Open Source. Linux on servers and embedded system is my specialty for many years now, lately joined by Android. I’m an active member of the Linux community, presented in several conferences and wrote several articles and papers on various technical issues. I also had the honor of co-authoring the 2nd edition of O’reilly “Building Embedded Linux Systems”.

These days I work as a principal software engineer at Arm on upstream Linux kernel security subsystems in general and CryptoCell support in particular. You can usually find some of the latest stuff I am working on on my GitHub page. I often give presentation on the stuff I am working on and you can find some of them which were recorded here.